Volunteers 2018

Thank you so much for your interest in being a part of the 1st year of the community-wide Harlem Renaissance 100 Celebration!

Whether you are a veteran of previous community event organizing, or a newcomer  who wants to see community event organizing from the inside this year, we welcome you to join us. There are THREE ways to be part of the magic:

• Join the admin team and assist with day-to-day management of our special project;
• Join the marketing team and assist with getting the word out;
• or help with production, crowd control, and hospitality by being a member of our front of house or back of house teams.

No previous experience with front of house or back of house duties is necessary. If you would like to help
in any capacity, we welcome you to take part in our volunteer training sessions. See the Workshop
schedule below.

Join us for one of our VOLUNTEER WORKSHOPS!

Every weekend in October prior to the official HARLEM 100 Launch Event, Front of House, Tech Team
and Basic Marketing workshops will be hosted by the Volunteer Directors, Key Staff, and Lead Committee
members at a venue in Harlem, NY.

In return for your help, you get lunch, you get to participate in hands demonstrations, you learn some
marketable skillsets and you get bragging rights about how you helped to Celebrate your Community!

Spend the day or the weekend in ½ day workshops …there are always some sandwiches, tea, coffee and
cookies to fill out a day of good company while learning techniques and actually working with your friends
and neighbors who will join you in the office and on special event days and nights!

These workshops are free and open to the public, but spaces are limited, so you must pre-register by
contacting us at Volunteers.

2018 Workshop Dates

To register to take part in the Workshop, click here.